Dewatering wells

Repair & Dewatering Services

Ground Repair Experts

Legacy Foundations provides a wide range of foundations services, encompassing many of the issues that are encountered at the job site. Our team of experts will provide you with the professional deep foundation services you require to proceed with construction.

Legacy is an experienced provider of drilled shaft anomaly repair. Existing drilled shafts can degrade over time, due to age and challenging ground conditions. The anomalies that develop in a drilled shaft can affect either a complete section of the shaft or a small portion. Legacy can safely repair even the most challenging issues to ensure that the structure’s integrity is not compromised.

For job sites with surface or groundwater, Legacy Foundations will perform dewatering services. This ensures that the excavation slopes remain sound and may be used to lower the water table. Wells are drilled and fitted with a liner and a submersible pump. The pump then creates a drawdown area around itself, and the water can be collected and moved to a location that will not compromise the completed structure.

After a well is dug and the dewatering process is complete, the well must be properly filled and plugged. Legacy Foundations will ensure that this abandonment procedure is completed quickly and safely, and meets all state and local well abandonment guidelines.